Popcorn and Vodka

Taking a breath…

Wow. I have now posted 31 interviews for the Cinequest films.

Every year I send out requests to directors, and every year I think no one will actually answer.  And then every year I’m swamped with replies (and screeners!).  This year however I think has had the best response so far.  Of all the requests I sent out only TWO have not replied, and I still have two others for whom I am waiting to finish their answers.

Remember: It’s never too late to send an interview in!

So this morning I take a breath (and catch up on my theatre reviews for a different site) and then start viewing this impressively large pile of screeners I have so I can start posting reviews.  I don’t know which is my favorite part.  I truly love reading all the interviews, and I hope others enjoy them too.  But viewing these great, original films is always quite an honor as well.

So everyone make yourself a drink (Yes, you have my permission to consume a morning cocktail), pop some corn, and get ready for the movies.