Popcorn and Vodka



There are those who say that if it didn’t work out the first time, it was for a reason; don’t expect things to be different the second time around.

Those people should have been there for Lucia.

A dozen years ago Lucia and Felipe broke up, but Lucia vowed to continue loving him every day forever.  One day while at the hospital with a friend she unexpectedly finds Felipe there with an unknown illness.  Lucia feels this must be a sign of something, and sets aside her entire life: her job, her friends, her family and her giant fluffy dog, so that she can stay with Felipe while he is sick. Suddenly she is needed by her long lost love, and she is going to be there for him now.

And Felipe needs Lucia.  Possibly acting through a paranoid delirium and possibly just being a jackass, he refuses to cooperate with doctors unless Lucia is there.  And the doctors, having somehow never dealt with a belligerent patient before, insist that Lucia stay with Felipe for days on end.

But as Felipe gets sicker, and Lucia’s life is more and more neglected, things start falling apart quickly.

All I kept thinking through this film was “Honey, that giant fluffball of a dog you have at home will love you way more than this loser ever will.”

Does she make the same decision?  I guess you’ll have to see it.  But do I recommend it?  Meh.

See INERCIA at Cinequest.