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Á Colombia

February 15, 2013

Cinequest 2006 all stayed up late to watch the special added viewing of Á Colombia and we are all three SO GLAD that we did – even Catalina was in love with the movie. We didn’t get home until midnight, and it was worth it. The star (and hot guy) of the show was actually Terrence Bergeron, not writer/director Ryan Byrne, but Ryan co-starred in it and Catalina elected him to be the hottest. Those two are very very lucky they weren’t hit over the head and stuffed into our trunk to be brought home with us. It was truly an incredible movie, about two guys who take a trip to Columbia and have adventures and fall in love.

Surprise of the night – the main character in the movie was suffering from Crohn’s disease – that’s what my mother had, and it was her birthday yesterday. SPOILER — there is a death in the end and so that was pretty traumatic, but it really worked in the movie and I really loved it. Yeah, it made me cry, but I got over it, and I loved it.

So then during the Q&A period after, we found out that Terrence – the incredibly HOT but also incredibly fantastic actor – this was his first real acting gig. And then… Ryan… picked up a camera for the first time 3 years ago. Those two men are definitely the Vince Vaugn/Jon Favreau of their generation and you should look out for them in the future.

Most hilarious part of the night – Ryan explaining that he didn’t really recommend flying to a foreign country where you did not speak the language to try to shoot your first ever film. But Ryan and Terrence? You guys did a fabulous job. GET YOUR DAMN WEBSITE UP! This is Silicon Valley! If you have a website we will promote you to the world!!!! (Darn slacker kids!)

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