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A day of three films

February 15, 2013

Cinequest 2007

Full-Grown-MenFull Grown Men. We all liked this movie a lot. Everyone who saw it really liked it, it just wasn’t what we expected. I think probably because Alan Cumming is listed in the cast along with Amy Sedaris who is even showed in the ad for it. So everyone was expecting something really funny. And it was more of a very thoughtful, sweet and troubling journey into adulthood for this man who should have grown up years before. I think everyone really loved it and recommend it, we all just had to take a step back and think about it first. When you are expecting a comedy and instead get handed something semi-serious, it takes a moment to re-evaluate the film.



allthedaysAll the Days Before Tomorrow. This was a really great movie that involved a lot of talking and I was reeeeeeally tired. I sat next to the writer/director’s mother and she was very proud of her boy. But I was just too tired to really love the movie. John said he thought it was great, so you should go by his approval – I thought it was good, just too tired to enjoy it. Also, Alexandra Holden was in the theater, and she is way way way beautiful in real life. She was just adorable.




monstercampMONSTER CAMP. I am putting this one in Bold and CAPITALS because if you go to Cinequest you should see this movie. It is the one that I enjoyed the most – and it seems everyone in the theater really loved it too. It’s a documentary about people who LARP – or Live Action Role Play. You can watch the trailer HERE.

It was hilarious, but it was great too. I went there to laugh at the silly nerds, but you can’t help coming away from it thinking – So what? So they have a hobby that gets them out of the house, it’s no different really from me being addicted to school, or my family being addicted to movies, or others being addicted to football. At the same time, Cullen shows a few players who maybe need to put a little more reality into their lives – two players are in their fifth year of being a Senior in High School. Actually, this was one of my favorite conversations in the movie:

Player #1: He’s just jealous because I have more time to play World of Warcraft.
Player #2: That’s because I have a JOB.
Player #1: Yeah, but you don’t have a LIFE.
Player #2: That’s because I have a JOB.

Cullen Hoback is the director of Monster Camp, and last year he brought his film Freedom State to Cinequest. You can see the preview for that film here – but it doesn’t do the film justice. At any rate – if you can get to Cinequest or Seattle International Film Festival in May or June, or Swansea Bay Film Festival when it comes out, try to see this movie.  (Now available on Netflix, or you can purchase it on the website)

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