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Sherman’s Way

February 15, 2013

Cinequest 2008


Awesome movie, pretty flawless, enjoyable, funny – and it should have been the Opening Night movie, for SURE.

I thoroughly enjoyed Sherman’s Way, and it seemed like the entire audience did too. Very likable characters, believable character growth, Excellent actors, Excellent writing. Again, I don’t like spoiling what movies are about so I won’t go into details. The movie description keeps referencing “road trip” but like the filmmakers said after the movie, this was more like a “treadmill trip”. I felt like it was sort of a road trip pit stop movie. Meaning… There are these two guys, see, and they go on a road trip see, but then they have to stop at a small town for a few days and that’s where the majority of the film takes place. I’m not sure why Lacy Chabert is credited so highly in the movie because she’s in it for all of 2 minutes. But Brooke Nevin is in it and she was pretty damn awesome. She was there along with all but one of the cast, also the writer and director. Also, Enrico Colantoni, from “Just Shoot Me” (and I hear also Veronica Mars, but I wouldn’t know) was a co-star AND was there, and I got pictures of him, and I probably never mentioned that when Just Shoot Me was on, I had THE BIGGEST CRUSH on him. I had no idea he was going to be in this film until the 80 year old lady sitting next to me kept arguing with her husband, then hit me on my arm and said “Hey! Did you ever watch Just Shoot Me?” Me: “Yes.” So the little old lady points three seats over and says, “Isn’t that the guy??” and I’m like “OMIGOD YES THAT’S THE GUY!!!” Heh.

He was well and truly handsome. And ya’ll can’t have him.

But you should see the movie, for SURE.

Now available on Netflix and Amazon!

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