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Three films

February 15, 2013

Cinequest 2007

Goodness, today was a good one for movies.

I brought the kids to see You Are Here even though I already saw it. I loved it just as much the second time around, maybe even more. The kids both loved it too. It’s definitely in my Top Five from the Festival.

bloodcarThen my son brought us and a few of his friends to see Blood Car. The movie was advertised as a comedy and John told me it was a comedy. But when I visited that website and saw the trailer, I saw an extremely bloody horror film. John just kind of chuckled, re-confirmed that it was a comedy, and said that the trailer just showed every single bloody scene. I can’t say I believed him.

The movie was great. The movie could easily become a cult classic in the Evil Dead style. It was awesome – and not that bloody, although there certainly was blood, but it was not scary in any way, not really gross (most of the violence is completely off camera), and very, very, very funny.  I was cracking up the whole time – but it was also GOOD. And remember sweet little Anna Chlumsky, from My Girl? She co-stars in it – and she’s still sweet and very pretty.

I really do recommend this movie – now, it’s not for everyone, but it is a great campy cult-like horror film ~~ if you like the Evil Dead movies you would totally appreciate this film.

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dogbreakThen I saw A Dog’s Breakfast. This was an hilarious movie about a man who doesn’t like his sister’s new fiance, then believes the fiance is trying to kill the sister, so the man tries to kill the fiance. Got it so far? Well, he doesn’t succeed. Because the fiance kills himself when he accidently falls off a ladder. Man has a guilty conscience and tries to hide the body. But the damn dog keeps dragging it back to the house. And on and on and on. It was very funny and very well acted, and gave an open nod to “The Tell Tale Heart”. Also, if you watch “Stargate” – you may find yourself confused. Every character in the movie is from one of the Stargate series.

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trainedAnd finally, Trained in the Ways of Men. This documentary went over the background and case of Gwen Araujo, a transgendered teen from the Bay Area who was brutally beaten and strangled by four men who were surprised to discover she was a biological male. It was truly heartbreaking, and I was glad I brought both my kids and one of John’s friends with me. Both of my kids loved it, and the friend (a male) said it “freaked him out”. I asked him why, and he said “It just gave me a whole lot to think about.” Which is exactly what it should do. There was just no way to come away from this movie thinking that Gwen a) had no right to call herself a female, or b) deserved what happened to her. Much of the story was told through interviews with Gwen’s mother, her family, and all the attorneys involved in the case. Gwen’s mother was in the theater and got a standing ovation. The theater itself was completely packed.

It was a very well done documentary and an important story that deserves to be told – I am sure it will be picked up by some television station and shown in that manner – you should all see it when it comes out.

Now available on DVD and Amazon Instand Video!

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