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D-Tour: A Tenacious Documentary

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2008


D-Tour was actually pretty cute. If you are a Tenacious D fan, or a Jack Black fan, you will probably really like this documentary – but if you are not, or don’t know who Jack Black or Tenacious D is, you probably won’t. There is another screening tomorrow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was moved from the California Theater to the Cameras. I was a little surprised that the Rep was barely half full. The people who showed up were pretty excited though. It was only about an hour long, and though I felt it was slow in the beginning, once their actual movie bombed the documentary started getting good. I guess everyone loves a loser, eh?

My boys were hoping for a Jack Black appearance and John insisted we sit only three rows back – yeah it’s close to the stage, but a little too close for the screen. His friends quickly bailed and went up to the balcony. However, film viewers were not too disappointed when the film was over because although Jack Black didn’t show, Kyle Gass and Jeremy Konner (director) were there for a Q&A and we were right up in front for it. I got several pictures of them both, and I took one of John with Kyle also.

So, review: If you’re a fan – go see it. If you say “Tenacious What?”: Don’t.

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