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How To Be…

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2009


My first movie today was called How To Be… with a young actor you may have heard of…Robert Pattinson?

IMDB describes it: A young man having an existential crisis convinces a Canadian self-help guru to come to London and become his personal life coach.

IMDB leaves out the part where the self-help guru actually comes to LIVE with him (and his parents!), and often pops up at inconvenient times. I really liked this movie, MUCH more than I had expected. I had not gone to see it for Robert Pattinson, like the 1000 young girls in the audience who were cheering and squeeeing everytime young Robert blew his nose. But you would not believe how good he was in this movie!! There was a lot of physical acting in this film, and he was really quite charming. I just really liked the character.  Cinequest sold out of the first showing, and nearly packed in the Cal Theater for the second showing. I think someone would be remiss in passing up the opportunity to get this film out now while the Pattinson is hot.

The director was there and stayed for Q&A, and he delivered a lot of really interesting information about making the movie. Including the time Robert Pattinson let him know that he had gotten a “small part” in some American horror film, haha.

Did it “WOW” me? Mmmm, it came close. It’s definitely up there on my favorites this year, but I wouldn’t say it WOWed me. I would say though, that you should go see it.

And you can! Because it’s now available on Netflix, DVD and Instant Video.

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