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The Last Lullaby

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2009


The Last Lullaby is based on a story by Max Allan Collins. Price is a career hitman who wants to retire but decides to do one last job. This is an often told tale, but I really did enjoy this movie. Tom Sizemore is fantastic as the hitman who falls in love with his target and the supporting cast also does a great job. Director Jeffrey Goodman said he wanted to tell a quieter story than you usually see, minus the helicopters, explosions, and multi-car freeway chases. He does a great job with this, creating instead a really suspenseful film, one that makes you literally jump out of your seat every time a gun goes off. Seriously. The gunshots were CRAZILY loud (My note during the first shoot-out: “Is the theater BLOWING UP???”). There are also a few twists and turns in the film, none of which I guessed before they happened. And so instead of your average action movie, what you end up with here is a really well told story, with great, developed characters.

Goodman and writer Peter Biegen were asked how it was to work with Tom Sizemore, and the hesitation they took before answering really said a lot. But they both agreed that though they “had some issues,” Tom was a complete professional during filming and seemed to really want to prove himself. However it happened, Sizemore gives a great performance, and this is a movie you should find the time to see.

Now available on Netflix, DVD and Instant Video. I’ve owned the DVD since its release and watched it several times over.

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