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The Puck Hogs

February 16, 2013

Cinequest March 2010


On Sunday we watched as the Canadian hockey team beat the US in Olympic overtime.  An hour later I was presenting PUCK HOGS to a crowd of disappointed hockey fans at the San Jose Repertory Theatre.  I told them I hoped this film would cheer them up, and I think it did as there was raucous laughter throughout the film.

PUCK HOGS is a mockumentary about the worst recreational hockey team in Canadian history.  It’s done in sort of a “Reno 911” style, with that type of humor.  The audience of hockey fans seemed to love it and were having a great time.  I will say up front that I am not a fan of hockey and not really a fan of “Reno 911”, and this film was honestly torture for me to sit through.  There were scenes of men urinating on bathroom walls and eating urinal cake “pucks”, and there were about 57 too many jokes about butt-holes.  However like I said, the audience was laughing like crazy through the entire thing.

The verdict?  I hated it.  But if you are a hockey fan or enjoy this type of humor then you might possibly love it.  I am just the wrong person to review this kind of film.

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