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Fred Zara: Assistant Director & Editor, 7 LIVES OF CHANCE

February 20, 2013

FZ-7lives21Q: Tell us how you became involved with 7 LIVES OF CHANCE, and how you prepared for your role.

I’ve known Banks, the director for a few years. We’ve worked together on some smaller projects in the past. Banks had asked me to watch a rough cut of his last film, The Ah of Life, which I did. We had some long talks about the direction he was taking that film. Then I went to the first screening of that film when it was complete and I really thought he did a great job with the final cut. I appreciated that he expected my input and I felt like we could work well off of each other. So I pulled him aside at the screening and told him I want to be in a little sooner on the next one.

2Q: Cinequest is proud to host the World Premiere of 7 LIVES OF CHANCE.  Explain to the audience how you feel about bringing this film before audiences for the first time, and what do you think their reaction will be to your film?

The whole cast and crew are thrilled to screen this film at Cinequest. This film is made for thinkers. There is a lot going on in this film and some of it the audience will have to figure out on their own. We wanted it that way. If the audience stays on their toes, they are in for an emotional, entertaining piece of film.

FZ-7lives3Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making 7 LIVES OF CHANCE?

The worst part was being haunted by balloons for over a week. On set balloons were everywhere, and since Banks would often stop by my house for different reasons, he would also leave balloons around for my kids. So I would spend 12 plus hours around balloons all day just to come home to even more balloons at night. I started feeling like Chance. It is pretty damn funny that our DP Ryan has a fear of balloons.

The best part is just seeing people come together and work so hard.  A select few often get the credit for making a film, but the truth is it wouldn’t be possible without every last person giving it their all.

4Q: Festival audiences often have to make hard decisions about what to see, and the catalog descriptions sometimes run together. In your own words, why should people see your film?

This film deals a lot with death and losing people close to you. That’s something every one of us have or will have to deal with. This film handles it in such an entertaining, funny and sometimes ridiculous way, it makes it easy to accept. You’ll find yourself crying one minute, just to laugh the next.

5Q: You have a long list of IMDb credits. Was working with director Banks Helfrich a different experience from working with other directors?  Tell the craziest story you know about Banks. I know you must have at least one.

Working with Banks is awesome, it really is like being on a roller coaster. As far as a crazy story, maybe I will take this opportunity to tell Banks: buddy, you can stop handing out balloons to every person you meet, everywhere you go. Unless of course you have stock in the company or something.

Watch the trailer

Buy tickets to see it at Cinequest here!

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