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Trevor Simoneau: Actor, 7 LIVES OF CHANCE

February 20, 2013

TrevorHeadShot (1)1Q: Tell us how you became involved with 7 LIVES OF CHANCE, and how you prepared for your role.

Well, I knew the director. He is a good friend of mine and he asked me to audition, but I had to agree to cut my hair if I got the part. I did.

2Q: Cinequest is proud to host the World Premiere of 7 LIVES OF CHANCE. Explain to the audience how you feel about bringing this film before audiences for the first time, and what do you think their reaction will be to your film?

I’m excited that this film could get great awards and I think that some people will be like “Wow this is amazing,” because they feel like Chance. Others might say: “Why would she have this problem?” because they don’t have the problem. Chance can’t let go. She can’t forget. She holds onto everything.

Trevorin723Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making 7 LIVES OF CHANCE?

Playing the violin because I like to perform and I like being able to kind of make up my own script. Banks lets me do that. He knows I can make it be me and it will be good and it will still fit into the story.

4Q: Festival audiences often have to make difficult decisions about what to see, and the catalog descriptions sometimes run together. In your own words, why should people see your film?

I think they should see 7 Lives because they will learn to let go if they have that problem and the story is very good and very funny.

Trevorin715Q: Tell us your Academy Award acceptance speech:

 I don’t really have one, yet. Can I make one up from scratch? OK – “Thank you very much I am so glad I got this prize for my acting and I would like to thank my friends and family very much for their support of me for all my years of acting. I would like to work with Steven Spielberg, but he’s too old. So maybe I can work with David Yates.”

Watch the trailer

Buy tickets to see it at Cinequest here!

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