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Aaron Wiederspahn: Writer/Director, ONLY DAUGHTER

February 21, 2013

394793_495700807135329_1346531214_n1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of ONLY DAUGHTER, from concept to financing.

Only Daughter was, frankly, born out of frustration. Following my first feature, The Sensation of Sight, I spent some years chasing bigger dollars and bigger names, and ultimately found myself exasperated by the whole thing. So, in May of 2012 I decided that come hell-or-highwater I was going to make something, anything. I conceived of a simple, straight forward story, pulled together some local cast in New Hampshire and we did some workshopping. Then myself and a few other producing partners pulled together an all New Hampshire crew, we set up an indieGoGo campaign, raised $20k in 12 days, and by the end of August away we went, filming for 10 days on 25 locations. It was a wild and sweet little ride.

2Q: Cinequest is proud to host the World Premiere of ONLY DAUGHTER. Explain to the audience how you feel about bringing this film before audiences for the first time, and what do you think their reaction will be to your film?

It’s always an honor to be able to present your work before an audience. It’s very exciting. And Cinequest is a great place to do that. Of course, I hope the audience loves the film. I hope they’re moved by the film. But, that’s the nerve wracking part of this business, you ultimately never know how the audience will respond. However, I do think they’ll find something worthwhile in the film, something good. It’s a simple, sweet story about an 18-year-old girl searching for the father she has never known. And I thinks it’s refreshing in its sincerity. It’s not jaded or cynical.

3Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making ONLY DAUGHTER?

Well, the best part of it was in the doing of it, the sheer sense of accomplishing something with absolutely little to no resources. It’s a fantastic feeling when a team comes together, sets their mind to a thing, and does that thing. And as far as the worst part of the experience, well, there was basically no time and no money, so that does present its challenges, to say the least. We were quite limited on bathroom space.

4Q: Festival audiences often have to make hard decisions about what to see, and the catalog descriptions sometimes run together. In your own words, why should people see your film?

People should see the film because it’s good. It’s sincere. It’s moving. It has a cast that no one in the world has seen before. They are all new discoveries. So, see them all at the beginning of their journey. The film has heart, a good heart, and speaks to that thing within all of us that longs to know who we are and where we come from and how that effects the lives we lead. And ultimately, they’ll walk out of the film with a sense of hope, and I think that’s always a good thing.

5Q: There are now so many different ways in which to distribute a film; each has pros and cons. What are your hopes or plans for future distribution?

My hope is that the film will find the audience it was made for. Obviously, I hope as many people as possible will see it. And that means finding a good and solid channel of distribution. We’re going to continue on the festival circuit throughout the year with the intent of finding someone willing to distribute via DVD, online streaming, VOD, etc. And we also plan on doing a bit of four-walling in theatres throughout New England, where we’re from.
Buy tickets to see ONLY DAUGHTER at Cinequest!

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  1. Mark Ferrera permalink

    Have a GREAT Festival, brother!! Good luck with the film!! 🙂

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