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March 4, 2013

401338_332956930059016_1021166756_nEver feel like dumping your entire life and just starting over?

40 year old Anna (Jessalyn Gilsig) has never even snuck candy into a movie theater.  She follows all the rules, is afraid of dirt and germs, gives a compliment to every single person she meets, and has lost total and complete control of her life.

“Karma’s just been having a field day with me,” says Anna as she watches her adult pimples grow and flare in the mirror.  Yes, she’s definitely having a bad day, and not in a funny, ha-ha sort of way.  It’s her one year anniversary to a man who seems well meaning but doesn’t really pay any attention to her wants or needs (or the giant cloud of depression hanging over her).  Her family thinks she can do nothing right, and it’s a really, REALLY bad day at work.  When Anna finally meets her last straw, a violent tragedy, she takes off with only her purse, a dead cell phone, and a suitcase filled with anti-aging products.

She quickly meets Travis (Graham Patrick Martin) a troubled young man with an unknown history, and somehow these two embark on a soul healing journey.

Graham Patrick Martin as Travis

Graham Patrick Martin as Travis

Both of these actors have credits a mile long, and they both turn in solid, amazing performances.  I have not yet seen Gilsig in this kind of dramatic role, playing a much weaker woman than the over the top crazies for whom she’s most well known. But she is absolutely amazing as the sad bulimic who hides behind a thick wall of make-up.  Martin also plays a particularly touching and believable role as Travis, and holds up his half of the film with great strength and heartbreak.  I am also very impressed with writer/director Jeremy O’Keefe.  The film is not only directed as by a seasoned veteran, but it has one of the best scripts I’ve seen at Cinequest this year.  Once you’ve seen SOMEWHERE SLOW, read my interview with O’Keefe for more behind the scenes information.

Don’t miss this great addition to the Cinequest lineup.

Buy tickets to see SOMEWHERE SLOW at Cinequest!

Watch the Trailer!

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