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Max Ya, Director: PARALLEL MAZE

March 15, 2014
Max Ya, Director

Max Ya, Director

Parallel Maze had its World Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival this month, and it definitely had audiences talking.  Although not everyone understood it, many seemed to like and appreciate it regardless.  In what may be Jason‘s highest praise, he explains, “it was clearly a movie made by someone smarter than me. I will have to watch it multiple times to get it all, but a filmmaker who can combine Alfred Hictchock with Stephen Hawking is someone I want to see more from.”  Nerdonomy says “2014’s Parallel Maze is an enigma, in the best sense of the word.” Mr. Ya honored us with an interview:

1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of PARALLEL MAZE, from concept to financing.

At the begining, I just wanted to make a thriller movie, like Hitchcock’s Psycho. But when the theorys of philosophy, science and technology, film masters had been put in, Parallel Maze became more than a thriller.
It’s kind of like Michael Faraday‘s word: when you focus on any point deeply enough, you will touch the secret of cosmic and ourself.

The main financing came from one of my friends who also had a movie dream. God bless us, we are lucky!

2Q: Cinequest hosted the World Premiere of PARALLEL MAZE.  Explain to us how it felt to bring this film before audiences for the first time?

This is really an unconventional film. I didn’t really expect the audience to like it no matter where I was planning to premiere it. But I was so surprised to see San Jose audiences’ responses. Their fondness, appreciations, the depth of their reflections, as well as their concerns and advices, are all very passionate and sincere. I really enjoyed it.

3Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making PARALLEL MAZE?

The best was working with my actors & actress, and editing the film, the worst was editing the movie for 2 years!

4Q: Festival audiences often have to make difficult decisions about what to see. In your own words, why should people see your film?

Parallel Maze is about a new idea for everybody: in a parallel world, there are many others of you existing!
Maybe it isn’t science fiction, be supported by Quantum theory, Parallel world theory is the possibillity to be real.
At present, more and more scientists tend to Parallel world theory, and they pay close attention to a very important experiment called superposition status of quantum.
If it fits macro world, most of our basic views to cosmos & ourself will be overturned, and what we experience in Parallel Maze will be a reference of this new idea of reality. It is about our future, and It is close, we have to prepare for it.

Many thanks to Max Ya for this interview!


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