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Cinequest Shorts 2009: Document the World

February 16, 2013

Christmas in Tent City – One of the best of a great group, Francisco and Roberto Jiménez tell the story of a childhood Christmas 60 years ago, after having emigrated from Mexico. Switching between talking heads with the brothers and beautiful illustrations detailing the story, you can’t help but shed a tear when his mother cries. Click the link to watch it!

Drag King – I was disappointed to realize this movie was not about actual Drag Kings. Oh no. This film was red-neckery at its most perplexing. In Lake County, California, there is a demolition derby where the drivers also tow boats behind their cars. I don’t know why. I didn’t understand this movie at all. It got a huge applause though.

Forced into Comfort, Fighting for Apology – GOOD GRIEF. The Comfort Women in Japan did not volunteer to be raped, beaten and tortured. SHAME ON YOU JAPAN. This was an EXCELLENT film.

Naming Pluto – About the woman who actually named the planet (she was 11 years old at the time). It was a really interesting film. Although when I started giggling every time they said “discovered Uranus” and “observations of Uranus” I knew I probably watch too much South Park. Click the link to watch what IMDB claims is the full film, but I could swear it was longer than one minute.  :/


Pickin’ and Trimmin– My mind started drifting the moment the old man started mumbling about… ZZZzzzzzzz. I think I probably should have liked it, but I didn’t, and it was torture for me waiting for it to end. Don’t hate me if you thought it was charming.

Click the link to watch it!


Rare Chicken Rescue – LOVED this one. About a man suffering from depression who raises very rare chickens. And these birds are Gorgeous. At 26 minutes, it was just starting to lose my interest when suddenly a tragedy hits and I woke right up again. I would watch this one again just to see those gorgeous birds. Click the link to get a 2.5 minute trailer and a taste of the film (but not a taste for chicken).

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