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Kenneth Forrester, Actor: SUTURE

July 8, 2014
Kenneth Forrester

Kenneth Forrester

1Q:  Tell us how you became involved with SUTURE, and how you prepared for your role.

I heard about Suture from Jordan [Blair Brown] after she was cast as the leading lady. She mentioned something about Todd still needing to cast for the lead male roll. I didn’t think much of it after that. Next thing I know she said I was cast. Needless to say this was the easiest roll I ever booked! I was a bit skeptical at first about someone who would cast their lead roll without an audition, but I rolled with it. After meeting Todd I quickly realized he was very serious about making a piece of art and could tell he did his research.

Preparing for the role was quite an experience to say the least! When I’m given time to prepare for a role I tend to go all out. I fasted for a week, with the occasional small morsel of bread to simulate living like a survivor in an apocalyptic world. Todd said since the story was very atmospheric that I had freedom to create my own back story. So I did, but I wont write that here because I don’t want to run the risk of writing a book. I will say my motivation was based around my faith. The depressing feel of the film lead me back to the story of Job in the bible. I wanted to feel like God had abandoned me, that there was no hope. So I edited myself into that story a bit and took the redemptive nature out of it. Over all I worked hard and like all my films, I had a blast making more screen poetry!

2Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making SUTURE?

The experiences are honestly collective for me. I met amazing people, I was hungry but pushed through. There were no real definitive “bad” moments but rather frustrating. Nothing we couldn’t handle. I must say I’ve worked with a lot of directors spanning from big name films to TV and for Todd being a first time director, he adapted very well to the set. His style evolved in a short amount of time, which is more than anyone could ask for.

3Q: You and Jordan have great chemistry in the film, but you are also a couple in real life. How did you meet Jordan, and how was working with her in SUTURE? Did your actual relationship make these roles more difficult or easier?

Ahh Jordan, my love! I met Jordan March 2013 when she submitted for the lead role in my first feature film Love My Country. She drove 6 hours from her hometown in Kentucky to audition. Long story short she stole the role along with my heart. *tear* All of that aside, her outstanding commitment to the industry, the set, and her acting make her a powerhouse. She keeps me in line …. most of the time. It has been a breath of fresh air to do Suture with Jordan because I was able to focus on my acting instead of wearing so many hats like I usually do with my films. The only hard part about working on this film I cannot mention… you will just have to see the movie!

4Q: What “monster” are you most afraid of in your own life?

The looming monster that tends to overshadow all else is my fear of being a starving artist for the rest of my life. I’m not really happy doing anything but work in this industry. I’ve always told my friends I would make movies even if I’m not getting paid a dime, but one of my greatest wishes is that I can make a living doing so. At the risk of losing many aspects of life I have had to get a “real job.” Working that job about made me lose my mind and I had to get back on set. It’s so fulfilling to work on a project and to see all the wonderful pieces come together to make a whole. There is no greater feeling than showing your product and having a crowd to cheer and ask for more. I’ve experienced this once,… and I look forward to more.

5Q: Let’s pretend: It’s the year 2024. Where is your acting career, and what types of projects are you working on?

In 2024 Todd and I will be quoting Pulp Fiction to “kids” and writing films about the dying generation of facebook users. We will be working on a script with Spielberg to reboot the Goonies as a group of grumpy old men in a retirement home searching for adventure. That is after I get done working on my lead role in Terrence Malicks new visual masterpiece. Ultimately I see myself writing, directing, acting, producing and immersing myself in projects until I’ve built a legacy!

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