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Jordan Blair Brown, Actress: SUTURE

July 10, 2014
Jordan Blair Brown

Jordan Blair Brown

1Q: Tell us how you became involved with SUTURE, and how you prepared for your role.

I became involved with Suture through the DP Tanner Thompson. I had met with Tanner for one of his projects and he recommended me to Todd for the role. Todd and I began talking and I immediately felt a connection to his writing and the urge to tell his story, the rest just fell into place.

Preparing for the role was a fun process. Todd had a few rehearsals with Kenneth and I and expressed his vision for the film and the life within his pages. Prior to the set and during the rehearsal I would find alone time just me, the script, and inspirational music that I felt held the story and character together. I am a highlighter, write in the columns, block out the flow, study, listen and analyze kind of person. The day of filming we woke early to head to set but did not start filming the bulk until around 11pm. By that time I was actually getting tired which worked for my character.

2Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making SUTURE?

My best experience would have to be working with the passionate visionaries of the cast/crew. Kenneth, whom I had worked with before on Love My Country, continues to be a strong actor, which is great for bouncing back and forth off of each other on set keeping us both on our toes. Even though this was Todd’s first time directing, his clear vision, which he brought with him to our rehearsals, allowed for a comfort on set that helped me with the flow for the film. Not to mention the beauty of Tanner’s shots that allows the audience to really feel like they are there with us. I would have to say there were no bad experiences just the occasional curves and deciding how to proceed through it, but with the team of Tasha-Todd-Bob-Tanner things were quickly resolved and we moved forward.

3Q: You and Kenneth are a couple in real life, and your roles in this film require a very violent scene together.  How did you and Kenneth prepare for this scene, and did it have any effect on your relationship (good or bad)?

We worked through the blocking for this scene in our rehearsals and on set. We would even talk about how we felt it was going to go on our own but never really going full out until we were in front of the camera. It did have a personal effect the day of and day after filming. I know Kenneth felt very strongly about it because we had to do it over and over and over again and because it affected him it affected me. So we just held each other when it was wrapped and now it is just a fun joke! “Hey, Kenneth do you remember when…”

4Q: What “monster” are you most afraid of in your own life?

I’m afraid of a lot of things like most of us. I just keep pushing forward not so much as to conquer my fears but to stay in front of them. Our fears like our hopes and dreams, our values and beliefs, our experiences, our achievements, our failures make us who we are and help direct us forward to the person we want to be. Yet for me…the monster that hides in the shadow might be future regret, if I had to give up this dream for a more stable one. It would be simple to live with my family while pursuing my dreams, or having unlimited funds to sustain myself. However, honestly every day is a struggle to find my next role while also having to work on finding the next role after that while still finding a way to pay rent, gas, and some food. This is the strongest monster for me now, being able to do what I love: entertaining people, teaching people, storytelling, providing for others (audience) through film, and stay afloat. However, I will not let this monster be here for long!

5Q: Let’s pretend:  It’s the year 2024.  Where is your acting career, and what types of projects are you working on?

Okay so it is 2024 and my brother Chris has finally written his first fantasy novel and I am the lead actress, Kenneth is my comedic sidekick, Todd has decided to play the dark villain, and Tanner is directing (because he does that too). New monsters have taken to the shadows but I am still in front, leading and helping others along the way. I see myself acting, directing, casting new faces and using the skills I have developed and those who are willing to share to educate those that follow and help each of us take a break from our hectic lives and enjoy the show. Working constantly in the industry and continuing to challenge myself with different styles and characters. I loved school growing up and I said that “if I could always learn for the rest of my life I would be happy” and I found that in theatre and now in film.

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