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The Metrosexual

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2008


The Metrosexual is probably the most disappointing films I’ve seen so far this year. I had really thought it was going to be funny. Instead it was just boring.  You can’t get a worse review than that.

I’ll admit I was a little tired when I saw it, having not had a whole lot of sleep after writing my paper last night. But still, not funny. Also, the main character was a metrosexual for about ten minutes throughout the movie. There were some random scenes with him driving his car where he looked like a metrosexual, but otherwise he was just a sad sack who couldn’t get a girlfriend. And never dressed quite to metrosexual standards, and that hair… I’m sorry, but no. It was more like he was a sad wannabe metrosexual.

Folks, I live in Silicon Valley, heck, almost everyone reading this right now lives in Silicon Valley. We know us our metrosexuals.

Again though — just not funny. There were very few laughs throughout the showing, and though I wouldn’t say it was AWFUL, I just can’t find any reason why you would want to spend 90 minutes watching it.

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