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Young, Single and Angry

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2008


Young Single and Angry. The movie starts out with the main character remembering her cousin’s wedding back in the, well, I guess it must have been the 80s, even though it looked like a 70’s wedding to me. She tells us how she was told by her mother that a girl’s wedding is “the most important day in her life”.

She then proceeds to chase that dream. Gag me.

I saw this film immediately after watching The Metrosexual so I was a little cranky already, but I got super cranky with the three main women in this film as they desperately tried to fulfill their lives by reaching the female’s Holy Grail: A wedding. I mean, this IS 2008, right? Are we still all doing this? For REALS???

I will say this: It IS often funny, it IS often sweet. Jamie Anderson is terrifically hot. Overall I was entertained during most of the film and I laughed out loud a few times, even though I mostly thought they were all acting sort of pathetic. Throw in a little poopy humor and I wanted to smack the main character and bring her home with me for some intervention in Women Power.

The final 2 minutes of the film turn everything upside down, but it is so abrupt and unexpected that I almost missed it and was confused for a second. I mean, for 83 minutes I’m dealing with women desperately seeking a man, and suddenly out of nowhere that’s all thrown out?

I would give it a 3+ out of 5 stars, or a 4 out of 5 for a film festival movie because it is entertaining. I would definitely recommend it for a film festival.

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