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February 27, 2013


“What the hell happened?”

“Shit got real.”

If it’s horror you’re looking for, you always know Cinequest is going to come through with their midnight showings.  Every year there is a film with an outstanding mixture of horror and comedy (BLOOD CAR, BAD BEHAVIOUR) that packs the theater no matter how tired audiences are.

This year is no exception.

MON AMI is hilarious.  MON AMI is violent.  MON AMI is bloody.  And MON AMI is one of the best films I’ve watched for Cinequest this year.

Cal and Teddy (Scott Wallis and Mike Kovac) are incredibly likeable guys who work for a hardware store and devise a detailed kidnap-for-ransom plan to make some easy cash.  Cal’s parents are going on vacation so they have an empty house to use, and Teddy tells his overbearing, controlling wife that he’s off on a fishing trip.  They buy all their equipment and tape plastic sheets over all the walls and furniture so, you know, they don’t mess up the parents’ house… what could go wrong?

What Cal and Teddy did not account for is that Murphy and His Law are going to be kicking their asses at every turn.  Not only did every possible thing that could go wrong, do so, it did so to the nth degree.  Cal and Teddy are not so much bumbling fools (they are, a little) as they also have the worst luck in the world.  You will laugh like crazy one minute and cringe in horror the next.  Director Rob Grant walks a tight line between comedy and horror – there are moments that are so horrific I can’t imagine how they will turn the story back to comedy… and then they do.

This is Office Space as done by the Coen Brothers.  Think Fargo with more likeable bad guys, Suicide Kings with more violence.  Much more violence.

It’s hilarious and silly and horrific.  The plot doesn’t always make complete sense… but you won’t care because the ride is too fun.  Go take a nap and get ready for this midnight showing, you’ll thank me for it later.

Watch the Trailer!

Buy tickets to see MON AMI at Cinequest!

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