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February 28, 2013


“I really liked this one film, it’s a romantic comedy.”

“Oh, that’s– Wait, YOU liked a romantic comedy???”

Yes, yes I did, and that says a lot.  TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE is great film without the gag-worthy love smarm.  This film is about real life dating, real life relationships, and real life, flawed people. It’s about not saying what you mean, and paying the consequences for it. It’s about assuming things without asking questions, and living with the results.  It’s about working for what you want, and not giving up.

This is real life. Adult life.

Brian (Michael Ferrell) meets and loses the girl of his dreams, and spends the rest of the film looking for her and/or debating whether he’s wasting his time.  He’s helped by his good friend Edward (Chris Prine) AND the two fictional characters of the last wretched romantic comedy he watched himself.  This smug and smarmy couple keep popping up and giving him advice, but what good relationship advice can ever be gleaned from a romantic comedy?

This is a great film, and in my top 3 films of the festival so far.  Yes, a Rom-Com.  Yes, I really liked this film.  Besides a pretty original story, or at least a twist on the rom-com formula, the actors in this film are outstanding.  Michael Ferrell performs a film hat trick by writing, directing AND starring in his own film, and he pulls it off with no complaints from me. Special notice goes to Tom Bartos as the skeevy but hilarious manager of the coffee shop where Brian works.  And I cannot forget Devin Sanchez as the antithesis of your typical romantic comedy female.  Jennifer Aniston she’s not, and I’m telling you that’s a GOOD thing. Devin’s character, Ashley, is flawed and unintentionally causes problems, but she is also a good human being just trying to figure her way through life.

Please let us see more films from Michael Ferrell.

Buy tickets to see TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE at Cinequest.

Visit the website and watch the trailer!

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