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March 1, 2013


It’s a well-known fact that I am allergic to romantic comedies, so I don’t know if I’m getting soft in my old age but I love a SECOND romantic comedy at Cinequest this year.  ONE SMALL HITCH doesn’t seem to be breaking any new ground in the rom-com genre aside from introducing some lovely new faces (Shane McRae and Aubrey Dollar), in fact you know exactly how this is going to end in the first ten minutes.  (Spoiler: It ends exactly how you think).  And yet it works.  It works so well I got all gooey toward the end and maybe, maybe, had a tiny tear in my eye at the end.  How does director John Burgess manage to do this when there are really no surprises in the entire film?  I think the main reason is attributed to the amazingly talented ensemble cast he has assembled.  The majority are seasoned veterans and they give their all to their roles.  And relative newcomers McRae and Dollar are charming and likeable even though McRae’s character can’t stop being a douche every time he’s let out on his own.  Dollar portrays Molly as a very lovable ditz who isn’t as ditzy as she appears.  There were times that I felt maybe it was precisely because Burgess has found these new, fresh faces that this rom-com is so appealing.  Hollywood believes there are only three actors capable of playing Mr. Right in these films, and they won’t let go of Hudson, Lopez, Aniston and Barrymore as the female leads. Aubrey Dollar performs rings around this tired group of women.

Another favorite part: the set design of the loft.  Now I MUST have a large open living space so that I too can divide the area by hanging a wall of picture frames.  You’ll have to see it to understand.

I do have two complaints.  First, the wedding dress of Molly’s mother is HIDEOUS.  There is no excuse for that dress, even for a woman “of an age”.  Second, OMG directors, please lose these dressing room montages.  Just STOP IT.  Stop it, Stop it, Stop it!  It is SO CLICHÉ, and it just does not happen in real life.  EVER.  It’s a lazy excuse to haul out some cute outfits and let the girls dance around, but it’s becoming a time for me to run to the bathroom for a quick pee.  Seriously.

But also seriously?  This film is adorable.  I loved it. You will walk out of the theater smiling and ready to go fall in love.

Now I need to get a drink and swallow some sour pills so I can get back to my normal cranky self.

Watch the trailer!

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