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March 2, 2013


I’m going to tell you straight up that I don’t know how objective this review is going to be. I was so smitten with star Cora Benesh by the time the film was over that I couldn’t possibly ever say a negative word about her or anything she is in.  You will be smitten as well by her very sweet and sexy portrayal of Cloey, and I think we’re going to be seeing more of Benesh on the big screen.  But I really do like CITY BABY, and it was a nice break from the happy-happy-love-joy films I’ve been watching (and enjoying).

When I interviewed director David Morgan he described the film as having “a protagonist that’s a spoiled little trust fund girl trying to figure out her quarter-life crisis”, but I don’t really agree with that description. Cloey is trying to follow her dream to be an actress, and she may be getting checks from her rich dad (Daniel Baldwin) and living off her boyfriend (Andrew Harris), but she never really takes advantage of anyone and stops taking money the moment she is making it on her own.  Is the dream of being an actress not a noble one? Would there be film festivals without young men and women who give up everything for the dream of being on the big screen (or small screen, or stage)?

The film is really just about Cloey and a period in her life when she is forced to grow up and face adult responsibilities. Through relationship ups and downs with both her “aging rocker” boyfriend (Harris), her dad, and her best friend Paige (Jillian Leigh), Cloey and the rest of the characters in this film must all make decisions about whether to follow their dreams or become more “responsible” adults.

With a well written script and a film packed with talented actors, CITY BABY is a great film at Cinequest and one I would watch several times over.  And not just to see all the nudity, or the girl on girl kiss, either.

But that doesn’t hurt.

Watch the Trailer! [Special note: I don’t think the trailer gives a good feel for the film. Forget the trailer and just go see the film.]

Buy tickets to see CITY BABY at Cinequest!

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