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March 2, 2013


SOLACE is another noteworthy thriller at Cinequest this year.  Writer/director Vandon N. Gibbs presents a well done, dialog driven three act play.  Six people. Three stories. One truth.  Will you guess how all three stories are tied together?  You may figure it out ahead of time, but I was surprised.

In my interview with Gibbs he said it was a challenge to keep the scenes visually interesting, since there are only three locations in the film.  They certainly did a great job of this.  There are some really interesting moving shots in the first act – a parked car! And some great angles in all three acts.  The most suspenseful scene is shot in an old abandoned warehouse, yet it is also the most beautiful at times.

It can be difficult to pull off a full feature that relies entirely on non-stop conversation, but the six actors in this film do a great job helping to achieve this feat.  Not manyof the characters are actually likeable, so this makes it even more difficult, but Gibbs found a great group of diverse and talented people for his film.  There is also an unexpected amount of humor during some of the darker conversations.  The film could easily and successfully translate to a stage production.

Overall I think this is a really interesting film and a great choice for the festival. I think Gibbs shows great promise as a director and writer.  If you’re looking for a good suspense film or thriller, give this one a try.

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