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Don Scimé, Actor/Writer/Producer: THE DAVID DANCE

February 2, 2014
Don Scime

Don Scimé

1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of THE DAVID DANCE, from concept to financing.The David Dance” was originally produced as a play over ten years ago at the New York International Fringe Festival and later by a theatre company in DC.  People told me I should adapt it as a screenplay and make it into a film. A lot of it is based on things I was going through at the time.  I know it sounds strange, but even as an adult, I didn’t always feel like I fit in – even with other gay people. To me this is a very personal story about how feeling different is actually a completely universal experience. That’s really what the main character learns. His feelings of not fitting in aren’t unique to being gay. We are all insecure oddballs in this universe headed in the same direction. But that’s the beauty of it. The sooner we make peace with that, the easier our journey on this earth will be. I had an ad in Craig’s list looking for a director and that’s how my collaboration with director Aprill Winney began. She sent me a copy of her last feature film, Counting Backwards, which was at the Santa Barbara International Film festival and LA Femme Film Festival (where she won Best Director for that film). I loved it and sent her a copy of my screenplay. She called me not long after saying how much she loved the script and that it made her cry. She helped us secure The Panavision New Filmmaker Program Grant. They loaned us a camera and lenses. That was a big help. I really enjoyed working with Aprill because she knew how to put me at ease as an actor and at the same time push me in the right direction when need be.  She’s currently directing a web series called “The Fosters”.

2Q: Cinequest is proud to host the World Premiere of THE DAVID DANCE. Explain to us how it feels to bring this film before audiences for the first time, and what do you think their reaction will be to your film? I’m excited, but I honestly have no idea what their reaction will be. I’m just really glad Cinequest chose us.

3Q: What was your best and/or worst experience while making THE DAVID DANCE? Worst: Sadly, one of our main actors passed away a year later after shooting. About two weeks before shooting Guy Adkins told us he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He plays Chris in the movie. Best: Getting to work with such dedicated, hardworking artists. We had a great team.  We shot it in Buffalo in March and it was cold.  It was inspiring to see people on the crew pull together for the film. I remember one day we had to find parking for all our vehicles and Brian Rzepka, our resourceful production designer, helped me ask local businesses for parking spaces. Also, I remember being downtown at four in the morning with no one else around except the crew as if it were our own big movie set. I like the idea of preserving a moment on film and I feel privileged to share something that I hope can inspire other people.

4Q: Festival audiences often have to make hard decisions about what to see, and the catalog descriptions sometimes run together. In your own words, why should people see your film? I think we have a movie where the final product reflects the intentions of the writing and that is something that does not always happen. It’s ultimately a movie about love and learning to love yourself. It’s also about family – whoever that may be.

5Q: Time to pre-plan: You just won the Best Picture Oscar for THE DAVID DANCE. Give us your acceptance speech. Thanks to everyone who worked on this film and contributed absolutely anything! We could not have done it without you! Thanks to my family – especially my mom and dad – and friends for teaching me how to love. Thanks Cinequest! View the Trailer! See THE DAVID DANCE at Cinequest!  “Like” it on Facebook  THE DAVID DANCE on Twitter  Don Scimé on Twitter

From Left to Right: Antoinette LaVecchia, Guy Adkins and Don Scimé

From Left to Right: Antoinette LaVecchia, Guy Adkins and Don Scimé

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