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The story is just beginning for these filmmakers

March 9, 2014

It really makes all this hard work worth it when I wake up and see the successes of all the wonderful filmmakers I interviewed. Even when I don’t like the films, I do know how much work and dedication and sacrifices were involved. All of the filmmakers are ALWAYS so interesting, and intelligent and amazing people, and when I’m the first person to interview them or review their film, I feel like they’re my children and I’m getting them ready for the world. Right now I’m the proud mama of another litter who are finally seeing what all their hard work accomplished.
I’m so proud of you, Cinequest filmmakers!!!

cq 1

cq 3

My interview with CONFESSIONS OF A WOMANIZER director Miguel Ali

cq 4

My interview with THE DAVID DANCE director Don Scimé.

cq 6

My interview with THE FRONT MAN director Paul Devlin.

I am perhaps proudest and happiest for KNOW HOW this year. Did you know they raised all the money to get ten of the foster care youth across country to Cinequest?

cq 5

My interview with director Juan Carlos and another interview with writer/actor Gabrielle Garcia.

And finally:cq 2Yeah, click on that instagram link.  Now THAT is a successful premiere night morning after!!

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