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March 4, 2014


I finally had my first big belly laugh just eight minutes into LAWRENCE & HOLLOMAN, and the laughs just kept coming in this must see dark comedy.

Holloman is a white bread and bologna type guy who just cannot win in life and intends to end his troubles, permanently.  But before he gets a chance he comes across the vocabulary challenged Lawrence who seems to win at EVERYTHING in life without even trying.  Promotions at work, great apartment, sexy girlfriend, and the adoration of everyone he comes across.  Lawrence is everything Holloman is not.

Holloman decides to follow Lawrence and see what his secret is.  Is it just the luck of a shiny new penny? Lawrence’s endlessly optimistic outlook? Fate?  Lawrence takes Holloman under his wing and tries to teach him the benefits of looking on the bright side of things.

But suddenly, Lawrence’s luck takes a downturn just as Holloman’s life appears to be suddenly looking up.  What will it take for Lawrence to lose his optimistic outlook?  Is there a reason for the change of luck, or is it the fault of the mysterious mustachioed man?

Daniel Arnold and Ben Cotton are perfectly cast as the unlikely duo.  Arnold morphs believably from a sad loser to a handsome man of luck, and Cotton just continues to be the insufferable optimist no matter how many anvils fall on his head.  The comedy is dark and so well written with that trademark humor I’ve come to expect from Canadian films.  I really enjoyed this film and I know Cinequest audiences are going to love it as well. Put it on your calendars and get ready for those belly laughs!

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My interview with director Matthew Kowalchuk

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