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Kill the Habit

February 16, 2013

Cinequest 2010


KILL THE HABIT is an enjoyable little film that gives the impression it wants to be an all-female Tarantino-like story.  It fails, but it is a fun ride.  Listed under the “Laugh Mavericks” category, it is humorous but cheats a lot in trying to make up for its lack of originality.  It is a comedic, fun ride, but it is flawed in some big ways.

The very first problem I had (well, tied with some very amateurish acting) was what I think is an idiotic premise that is used all too often to set up a plot.  A man is murdered, but it was by accident and in a clean-cut case of provable self-defense.  In real life, it would be much easier to call the police and turn one’s self in, especially since there are clear strangulation marks visible on the killer’s neck through the entire film.  But no, it’s much easier to decide to cart that body all over town looking for a place to hide it in order to have a reason for the film’s existence.

kill_the_habit_03I simply don’t buy this premise, and it irritates me when it is used in a film that could have been very funny.  But as I said, the premise ties with the acting for the biggest problem.  The three women involved are gorgeous, and if you enjoy looking at beautiful women in revealing clothes then you might be able to look past the acting.  To be honest, I was mesmerized by these actresses and would have watched another hour or two of them if given a chance.  But does that make a great film? No.

It was enjoyable, and it was funny, and it was easy on the eyes.  It would make a great comedic break in between some heavy films at the festival.  But there are too many problems for me to recommend this on a must-see list.

Now available on Amazon Instant Video.

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